Cycling Dynamo Heads for Spain

Today (17/06/17).we wish our local cycling dynamo Luke Smith the best of luck and success as he travels with the National Cycling Team to Majorca in Spain to commence his gruelling training programme for the upcoming European Track Cycling Junior Championships which commence on the 18th July in Portugal. To be picked as part of the team is indeed a huge achievement and an honour which Luke carries with great humility and maturity for his age. In the past, on track and road Luke has demonstrated true grit, discipline and determination and is destined to achieve further success and achievements as he progresses through his career. Also, congratulations to his proud parents Patsy & Jacinta for their unwavering support and mentoring to Luke over the years. So from all of his Loughanleagh friends,neighbours and his ardant followers, we wish Luke a safe journey and training programme and every success in the upcoming championships.

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