National Heritage Week 2021

Heritage Ireland are promoting “Irelands 2021 National Heritage Week” which runs between the 14th – 22nd August. For your information, we append a web link to their website which outlines the main theme of this years promotion and the many events which are taking place nationwide. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for us to focus in and be mindful of the importance of protecting our own local heritage,culture,fauna and flora and no better than our own Loughanleagh & Muff area.

Therefore, we invite you to take a little time to visit our own website ( and familiarise yourself with the wide array of rich heritage, history and folklore etc; that we have recorded and documented. We endeavour to keep the website updated, in an effort to provide a deeper focus and wide spectrum of content which we hope you will find educational and inspirational. For some of you, it may rekindle some happy memories of past visits and stories of old. We would also welcome any comments or suggestions you may have by emailing us via our comments page on the website.

Finally, for the time that’s in it, your sojourn through the website would not be complete without embarking on an actual visit to Loughanleagh itself, to experience the special place it really is. We continually try to improve our signage and information boards at the site, so we hope you enjoy “Heritage Week” but especially our lovely Loughanleagh.