Edenagully School

Ednagully SchoolEdenagully School was the last school to close in Kingscourt parish, this occurred in July 1973. Past pupils expressed many pleasant memories of their own and their ancestor’s days in school. Names of teachers like Master Clarke, Mrs Ruane, Miss O’Connell, Mrs Daly, Mrs Donoghue and Mrs McConnell were associated through the years with Edenagully.   Older people regularly recall a Master Clarke and sporting teams were affectionately known as the ‘Heather Hens’. The camogie sticks were made locally from seasoned ash and Terry Reilly made the sliotar from fine leather which were hand-sewn and stuffed with cork.

Other teachers may not have had the same sporting prowess but instead used their talents in a more academic, religious and social way, to ensure that their pupils were well rehearsed and prepared for what lay ahead in life.

Some pupils recall bringing money for fire-stuff, collecting dried heather to light the fires and taking water from Tackney’s well. Teachers and pupils alike, always welcomed weekly visits by the clergy. Mission collections were ongoing and pupils spent most weekends selling tickets and gathering pennies for the ‘black babies’ in Africa.

The following are some personal memories written by two former pupils of Edenagully School:

By:Rita Lynch

I attended Edenagully School from 1942 to 1951. My teachers were Miss O’Connor and Mrs Daly. Their teaching of religion was excellent and has left an imprint on my memory right through the years. There was something special about a teacher’s teaching of religion, no matter how good our parents were at handing on the faith. Mrs Daly put great emphasis on the teaching of the commandments and had a story about each one. First Communion was very special and we were taught simple prayers in preparation and thanksgiving, which I will always remember. Confirmation too was very special and we were taught the Bible in a very simple way. Our teacher had great devotion to Maria Goretti, and always prayed for her canonization, which has happened in recent times.By

By: Kathleen Cooney

I attended school in Edenagully from 1944 until 1954. Being a Catholic the most important gift a parent or teacher could give a child was a good basic knowledge of their faith. With teachers like Mrs Donoghue and Mrs Daly, we were well instructed. First thing in the morning we had prayers to start the day and at noon we stood and said the Angelus. Preparation for First Communion was very important, not to talk about Confirmation! A number “1” was a white card on your back and on the day it was a must. Visits by Fr. Marry, Fr. Foley and Dr. Ward were the highlights of the week. May they all rest in peace.