Launch – Loughanleagh Masterplan 2022 – 2032

In December 2021, Loughanleagh & Muff Heritage Trust initiated the compilation of a new Masterplan to provide a roadmap for the future development of the Loughanleagh and Muff area. The project was completed in August 2022 using the professional services of Mc Adam Consulting Services Ltd with the project being part funded under the ‘LEADER’ grant scheme programme. 

We believe that this Masterplan will act as a strategic framework for the development and regeneration of the Loughanleagh and Muff areas for the next 10 years. Additionally, it contains a series of actions that can be implemented over a number of phases and funded within that timescale. By appropriately framing the structure and scope of the Loughanleagh and Muff outdoor context, this Masterplan seeks to consider the needs, relevance and effectiveness of the valuable ecology, archaeology and visual impact of Loughanleagh and Muff, and guide how we the ‘Trust’ can sustain and develop its key role in heritage management into the future.

The Masterplan has been prepared jointly by the group with considerable input sourced through surveys and communicae with the local community and landowners which we gratefully appreciate.

To celebrate this milestone and the launch of our Masterplan, we will host an official ceremony on Saturday, November 5, from 12 pm to 1 pm. The event will include a blessing of our newly upgraded paved picnic amenity & amphitheatre styled altar rock area, with a preview of future development projects, followed by light refreshments and entertainment from local musicians to showcase the newly upgraded space. We invite all our followers and local community who have so graciously supported or fundraising efforts over the years to join us

To access the Masterplan document, please click on the link below.

The Committee

Date: October 2022

Click on this link   ” Loughanleagh Masterplan 2022-2032 “