“Loughanleagh is renown as an important breeding environment for many species of birds and attracts many visitors  and birdwatch enthusiasts interested in spotting the wide variety of species that breed in it’s habitat. 


Peregrine Falcon

“In 2002,  the Trust commissioned an Ornithological study of the Loughanleagh. This revealed a number of species of significance, the Crossbill and Pelegrine Falcon being the highlight. The study and site visit was undertaken by John Lovett, the renown ornithologist and a detailed and comprehensive report/survey was carried out in 2002 on the entire area of Loughanleagh including the townlands of Cornasaus, Mohercrum, Bracklin, Moyar, Corravellis, and Edenagully.  

Report extract as follows:-

“A preliminary visit was made to the site on 25th May, 2002 and a full visit was made on 6th -7th June, 2002 to survey the whole area for birds. At this time,  an evening visit and an early morning visit was undertaken at the site. Weather conditions were reasonable during the evening visit, but mist and wind on the morning visit resulted in fieldwork being carried out on the sheltered west side of the area only.Commencing at the forestry gate on the southside an ascent was made up the mountain track. Here there is a substantial mid growth larch forest and occasional sitka trees on the forest edge. There was evidence of recent forestry maintenance work. Breeding pairs of birds were recorded as follows; Meadow Pipit and Pied Wagtail at the edge, Wren 3, Robin 2, blackbird 1. Whitethroat l at edge of larch/clearfell. Willow Warbler 1, Goldcrest 2, Coal Tit 2, Treecreeper 1, Raven 2 (adjacent) and Crossbill 1. The Crossbill family (6 birds) was undoubtedly the highlight, as this species is only known at six sites in or adjacent to Co Cavan.To the west and north of the larch forest is an area of clearfell, a young pine forest interspersed with occasional large sapling oak trees and some sitka. The pine forest extends almost to the top of the hill where it is met with a large tract of thick heather. Breeding pairs of birds recorded here are as follows; Kestrel (hunting), Peregrin Falcon (hunting, Wood Pigeon 1, Cuckoo 1 (heard earlier in year), Swift 2 and Swallow 2 (feeding only), Meadow Pipit 6, Wren 18, Robin 3, Blackbird 2, Song Thrust 10, Whitethroat 1, Willow Warbler 4, Goldcrest 1, Coal Tit 7, Magpie 3 (seen only), Chaffinch 2 and Bullfinch 3. The highlight here was the Peregrine Falcon and there is a breeding site just a short distance to the north of this area”.